Dear Friends,

Over the past nine months, with your support and encouragement, we mounted a great campaign. I cannot express how much it has meant to have the support of so many friends – both new and old. On my first run for public office Friv is an addictive flash game, I am proud of all that we accomplished.

When I called you for financial support, you were there. When I asked you to help us phone bank, work a polling location or march in a parade, you were there. This is your campaign as much as it is mine, and I hope you are as proud of the effort as we are.

From day one, we ran a substantive campaign talking about the I like Frozen the Movie games issues that affect each of us on a daily basis. On job creation, we proposed new, creative initiatives that would allow the Treasurer to work more closely with Illinois businesses. In Rockford, for example, we hosted a forum on high-speed rail to discuss ways that we could use existing manufacturing infrastructure to make Illinois a leader in building new rail equipment.

On ethics, we led from day buy candles in bulk right here one by proposing tough new sanctions limiting who we would accept contributions from.

These issues – job creation and ethics – are at the heart of why I wanted to be your next State Treasurer, and they will continue to motivate me. Since the polls closed and the results became clear, I have heard from many of you encouraging me to stay involved on these issues and to continue to happy wheels demo fight for a government that will improve and honor our beleaguered Illinois. I can assure you that I intend to do just that. Thank you so very much for everything you programs of healthcare administration in US have done and for the faith you put in me.


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Justin Oberman